kraftwerk 3D on Flickr.kraftwerk 3D 4.1.14 at the United Palace,
Was digging through my mom’s old cooking notebooks and found this…
Animated alphabet study

Went to the Met recently and came across this monumental slit gong (Atingting Kon) from Vanuatu. Used for rituals, dances and as a communication device between islands and/or villages. These gongs are among some of the largest, freestanding instruments in the world. Here is a short, informational clip

R.I.P. Frosty

What’s that in the rose ahead? by Paul McRandle

Riverside Park

A photo of 5 Pointz taken from the train the day before they white washed the building.
For lovers of brutalist architecture

Allan Graubard passes along the news that…
THE MARQUIS DE SADE invites you to a reading from the first translation ever into English of his celebrated novel ALINE AND VALCOUR, in which you will learn from the depths of a sorrow-blistered heart of the HORRIBLE ABUSE suffered by the delicate, sensitive MADAME DE BLAMONT at the hands of her INSUFFERABLE LIBERTINE husband MONSIEUR DE BLAMONT, who desires NOTHING MORE than to BIND BY THE SHACKLES OF MARRIAGE his own BEAUTFUL and DEVOUT Daughter ALINE to his COMRADE–IN-VILE Sexual Predation, the Banker MONSIEUR DE DOLBOURG, all with a view to the commission of CRIMES STILL MORE HORRIBLE AND UNMENTIONABLE. Crafted Reading by Allan Graubard and Caroline McGee From the translation-in-progress by Jocelyne Geneviève Barque and John Galbraith Simmons  
Music by Cole Porter
Friday, November 15, 7 p.m.
Mellow Pages Library
56 Bogart St., 1S
Brooklyn, NY
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Surrealist NYC: BRONX


BRONX is the result of a walk we—Allan Graubard, Kirstin Chappell, and Paul McRandle—took on August 4, 2013, wandering with minimal direction from a visit to Edgar Allan Poe’s cottage at the Grand Concourse and Kingsbridge Road in the Bronx. Drawing on photographs taken by Allan and Kirstin, we…

subway tracks on Flickr.

Laurie Anderson entertained the audience with her stories about the Dogen retreat in Utah and the tale of the Birds. At one point, after urging the audience to call President Obama’s hotline, 202.456.1111 to protest the NSA spying, she let loose remote-controlled helicopters that hovered over the stage. 

  The engineer markings reminded me of Basquiat’s paintings.